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Tips and Tools Archive

Tip Part II, The Process of Forgiveness, September 2008.

Legacy writing: From Betrayal to Forgiveness, Part I, August 2008.

Tips and Tools to reflect on our lives in relation to a larger context, July 2008.

The Power of Memories, a legacy reflection for June 2008.

Legacy Tips and Tools honors Mothering May 2008.

Spring, Legacy and Sacred Time April 2008.

Loss, a perennial topic for legacy writing, March 2008.

"Love Letters" a legacy tip for celebrating Valentine's Day,  February 2008.

Holiday Reflections is a legacy Tip to preserve family celebration rituals December 2007 - January 2008.

Honoring our Friendships is another way to use legacy letters October 2007.

Summer 2007: a time for reflection and writing legacies about rituals Ritual I and Ritual II

A Tip on Listening is the subject of legacy writing for June 2007.

Transitions and the Rebirth of Purpose is the subject of the April 2007 Legacy Tips and Tools.

Here is a Thanksgiving Day Tip that works equally well at any holiday or special occasion 2006.