Dear Legacy Writer,

As a passionate lover of life, a woman, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, a voracious and curious reader and student, an author, speaker, teacher, and therapist, I believe that we all yearn personally and communally for connection across time — and space.

We care deeply about the past. We hunger to know our personal history and to know ourselves as part of history. We long to locate ourselves in the generations, to have a place, to belong.

We yearn to know that our present lives have value and significance, to experience who we are and be witnessed by others, to heal ourselves and our relationships, and to understand our spiritual connection and purpose.

As for the future, we continue to be committed in these complicated times to making a difference. We want to be remembered, to replace destructive patterns with healthy ones for future generations, to pass on our values and life wisdom, to contribute our love, service, and money, and to bless the future: our families and loved ones, the human family and our planet.

My beliefs and personal life path led me to legacy. It’s my dream that all of us will find our voices and values, that we’ll document our beliefs and blessings for a world in dire need of our wisdom, stories, and love.

May all your legacies be blessings,

Rachael Freed

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"What a lovely Tips & Tools. Thanks for the words
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"this is just lovely....just lovely - using it in my writing group for people with cancer this am.
Many thanks."
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